Meet Crunchsters! June 01, 2015 00:46

We are happy to introduce you to Crunchsters, a highly nutritious on-the-go snack made from sprouted mung beans blended with artisan spices. Mung beans are widely regarded as a superfood, and have a long history in Asia as a versatile staple source of healthy protein, minerals and fiber. 

Crunchsters are currently available in a 1.3 ounce recyclable convenience packs. They are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free and come in three flavors: Smoky Balsamic, Beyond Bacon, and Sea Salt.

Crunchsters is a new kind of snack food in the fastest growing sector of the food industry worldwide: snacks. They provide an innovative and delicious solution for customers who want a nutritious and satisfying savory snack, without the empty calories and artificial ingredients in with other snack products. Although the taste of Crunchsters is often compared to potato chips, they offer 3 times the protein and twice the fiber of a similar calorie amount of chips. 

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Crunchsters nutritious snacking makes a difference for children May 27, 2015 00:46

Crunchsters were created to give our children a nutritional alternative to junk food. They have exceeded our expectations for a positive response from many dozens of children in our local area. Our first customers were moms who wanted to pack a protein and fiber rich, non-sugary school snack that they knew their kids would actually eat....and enjoy.

Crunchsters are made from mung beans, which are considered a "superfood". They satisfy hunger because the body is getting sufficient protein, fiber, and minerals to feel "full", and does not get hungry again as quickly as it does with food that "fools" it with empty calories.