Healthy Meets Delicious

Our Foundational Ingredients

At Crunchsters, we take snacking seriously. It all began when a Colorado family challenged themselves to rid the pantry of traditional snacks that fell short in nutrients. Instead of filling up on the traditional potato, corn, and cheese puff snacks of the world, they discovered the flavors and textures they craved could be enjoyed in a better way; with mung beans! Our sprouted Crunchy Mung Beans were born with those humble beginnings, and our passion for better snacking continues.


Universally Enjoyable

With food allergies on the rise across the globe, more people find themselves unable to enjoy a simple pleasures of life: snack food. That's why at Crunchsters we are committed to creating an allergy friendly portfolio of snacks that can be universally enjoyed by all people.


For us, reimagining snack food has always been about more than satisfying that crunchy craving. It's finding ingredients that lessen the impact of on our environment. For example, mung beans requires less water and emit less CO2 to produce than soy, corn, wheat, or nuts, and has one of the smallest carbon footprints of any plant-based source of protein. 

Elevate Snacking

Gone are the days of feeling guilty at snacktime. We're here to create snacks that are nutrient dense, so that you actually feel good while you crunch. Bold ideas belong in the snack aisle and in your pantry. We celebrate diverse, delicious ingredients that are Non-GMO and vegan!

Made with the mighty mung bean

Mung beans are an excellent source of prebiotic fiber, which means they are great for your gut. They can even help manage stress and improve brain function because of their magnesium content!