About Us

It seems impossible to keep children away from the nutritionally empty, chemical-laden snacks that abound in today's food stores. However, we were determined to do it with ours, so we kept experimenting with different types of nutritious food prepared as snacks to replace potato chips, cheese puffs, and corn chips.  

Gina is a certified Yoga therapist, and has extensive knowledge of India's traditional medicinal herbs, spices and dishes. Many of those dishes are centered around Mung Beans, which Indian medicine considers to be a detoxifying, easy to digest source of protein, fiber, and minerals.

Frank is a constant cook and prolific inventor, and he started playing around with this tiny green mung bean superfood. He discovered a way to cook them that our children loved to eat and also let them feel satisfied even after a small, reasonable portion. They became a staple in our house and the junk food vanished.

We realized that other children (and adults) could use an upgrade from potato chips, so we decided to take our best flavors out into the world. Crunchsters were born!

We make Crunchsters carefully in Boulder, Colorado. We know how nutritious and satisfying Crunchsters are, and hope that they will help children (and adults!) everywhere stay focused and feel happy. 

Thank you for trying Crunchsters. We really want to hear from you about your impressions of our products, so please contact us with any comments or questions that arise. Your opinion matters to us.

We look forward to getting to know you!

Our best to you,

Frank & Gina