Established in Beautiful Boulder, CO in 2015, it was only a matter of time that Frank and Gina’s passions came together to create the next big revolution in the snacking industry.  With extensive knowledge of India’s traditional dishes and medicines- many centered around the detoxifying and mineral rich traits of the mung bean- Frank was inspired by the dietary restrictions in his family to develop a truly indulgent yet nutritious snack from this little green superfood.  


With the drive to create a healthy alternative to traditional snacks that his family could enjoy, Frank found a solution to fulfill his families salt craving.  Crunchsters was born out of the necessity to rid his family's pantry of all the potato, corn and cheese puffs.


The world is discovering Crunchsters...  and we are thrilled that so many people of all ages are falling in love with this unique new snack that keeps you full and feeling energized.


Crunchsters has been overwhelmed with support from the start-up and natural foods cultures of Boulder. We can't wait to hear about the joy that our customers take in their own local communities!