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There’s “better-for-you” snacking and then there’s the best.  Made from simple, clean, nutritious ingredients, Crunchsters is on a mission to elevate the way you snack.  Like the parents, athletes, and people with food allergies that can’t get enough of us, we decided it’s time the Mighty Mung Bean deserved to have its moment!  Or as millennial might say- went mainstream. So what’s the low-down on this amazing superfood?!


 You probably have been enjoying mung beans for years!  Often eaten in bean form and tossed in pad-thai this powerful bean has been a secret of Asian cultures for thousands of years.  Together, Frank and Gina Lambert, founders of Crunchsters, found a way to deliver a highly nutritious, inventive superfood that will forever change the way you snack.


At Crunchsters we know that in order to truly reach your potential your body needs clean and wholesome vitamins and minerals.  Sprouts are a symbol of a booming life.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality snack with uncompromising deliciousness.  We believe in evolving with you, side-by-side, to reach new heights.  Crunchsters is here to feed your growth.  



Nothing brings us more joy then hearing feedback from our customers.  Send us a note on how Crunchsters can continue to help you bloom