Amazingly tasty sprouted plant protein snack

Crunchsters are the versatile protein supersnack! Made from sprouted mung beans, they are packed with plant-based protein and bold, savory flavors. Crunch them handful after handful, or use them as a topping on salads, soups, avocado toast, or hummus dips.

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Made with the Mighty Mung Bean

Did you know that by sprouting our mung beans that the bean turns into a vegetable? Our unique sprouting process boosts the bio availability of the nutrients resulting in a crunchy, tasty snack you'll love eating by the handful!

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Customer Love

“Crunchsters are such a great snack to put into my kids lunches for school. They fit right into their lunch bags perfectly. My kids love Crunchsters!”


“I am always looking for healthier alternatives for snacks! Seeing how these are full of protein and fiber, these do it for me. Crunchsters give the best crunch and flavor. I love to put the Sea Salt Crunchsters on my salads to substitute for croutons. Love them so much!”


“Working long hours, I needed something to snack on quick and fill me up. With these having a ton of nutritional benefits and easy to grab, they make for the perfect snack that keeps me satisfied for hours.”


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